Neutrolis develops first-in-class precision therapies for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases that neutralize Neutrophil Extracellular Traps (NETs).

Targeting the
Dark Side of DNA


Neutrolis aims to transform patients' lives and revolutionize the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases by creating precision therapies to target NETs.

The Neutrolis Solution

Neutrolis leverages breakthrough understanding of “NETosis”

Overactive neutrophils can form harmful NETs that cause tissue damage and contribute to immune-mediated disorders like lupus. However, the ability to interrogate neutrophil biology has been limited to date. Neutrolis has developed several translational breakthroughs that have led to an enhanced understanding of NETosis and its clearance pathways.

The exDNASETM platform targets the root cause of NET diseases

Neutrolis' platform powers the design of molecules engineered to disassemble NETs. In combination with robust NET biomarker technology, our precision therapies address the underlying causes of several immune-mediated diseases, rather than simply treating their symptoms.

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Neutrolis is developing
first-in-class precision therapies with purpose

Neutrolis is a clinical stage company developing precision therapies for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases and is committed to advancing translational medicine in the field of NETosis. We believe that combining our engineered molecules with a precision medicine approach has the potential to transform disease treatment and improve the lives of millions of patients around the world.